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 Welcome to St Andrew's Sixth Form

At St Andrew’s, we understand how daunting the future might seem and how important it is to ensure that you are equipped with the confidence and qualifications to make the most of your opportunities. The Sixth Form at St Andrew’s aims to provide you with the support you need to succeed, the expert tuition for you to flourish in your courses and opportunities to make the most of your unique, God-given talents.

We want you to feel that St Andrew’s Sixth Form is the best place for you to become the adult you want to be. As you will know, St Andrew’ Sixth Form is currently in its third year. You therefore have the chance to shape traditions for future generations of students to enjoy. You will be our leaders, our role models for younger students, our lead singers, expert athletes, and star debaters. But you will also need to work hard, both in and, most importantly, outside lessons.


For this reason, we want you to select your courses wisely. Don’t just pick the subjects your friends are opting for; think about the courses or careers you want to pursue next. Would these subjects be suitable? Do you enjoy them? Are you likely to succeed in them? We are here to help you make the right choices and then to support you through Year12 and Year13.

We will have high expectations of all students entering our Sixth Form. We expect you to use your study lessons profitably, to meet deadlines and to contribute to your learning by challenging ideas, being respectful of the views of others, reading relevant material to inform your opinions and persevering when the work is difficult.

We also hope that you will join in school life enthusiastically, making the most of the extra-curricular activities and the exciting trips on offer. We look forward to welcoming you into the Sixth Form in September

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