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Daily Life in the Sixth Form

Support & Guidance

A specialist team of people will be available to support you through your two years of study in the Sixth Form.

Your academic tutor and Head of Year 12 will be there to help you deal with both daily routine activities and any unexpected challenges that occur.

Together, they will ensure you receive the best possible guidance and support, including how to organise your time to meet a range of academic deadlines and how to understand the best university courses and employment options for the future.



Academic Mentoring

Your subject teachers will take the main responsibility with you for subject learning.

Each student will be part of an academic tutor group. Academic tutors will have an overview of your progress in all subjects and support you with any issues that arise.

They are an integral part of the pastoral support system and will provide guidance and support your progress to university, training or employment.



"What I really like about St Andrew the Apostle is how staff treat every student as an individual who matters rather than just another set of grades. The school has given me the foundation to be the person I want to be." Founding Student